Fred Short

Fred Short

Vote Fred Shortfirst name on ballot!

Votes for CTA President/Chief Negotiator must be RECEIVED by 1pm on 4/4/22.

I listen, remembering that bargaining decisions affect your family’s financial future. Hire me to move our union forward, bringing back democracy for members with dues-dollar-transparency. I’ll use my experience, skills, and law degree to bring the fight for higher wages and professional respect for teachers to the district.

In 2019, teachers stood together, voting down a salary offer because the union could do better. It’s time to choose who will LEAD, not follow OCPS rhetoric and intimidation. My law degree and bargaining experience make me the best candidate to lead CTA.

I’ve stood before 10,000 national delegates passing new business. I am a negotiator, mediator, and leader who believes in the power and unity of our teachers to get things done.

Your vote means A New Day for CTA!



Clinton McCracken

Clinton McCracken

I’m excited to be a candidate for Orange CTA President! I have decades of experience as an educator, community organizer, union leader, and advocate that have prepared me to lead our union into the next chapter.


I believe in the power of our united strength and I have experienced solidarity making a difference. I also believe in respectful dialog and I’m ready to bring us together, grow our union and continue to serve our membership with commitment, strength and passion. Public education is under attack in Florida and we must work together to secure higher salaries and improve our working conditions. There is much work to be done and I’m ready to take it on.


I ask for your vote so we can move CTA forward together. Visit ctabettertogether.com and join our list by texting bettertogether to 877-768-0424. We are ready to work for you for a better future!