Bargaining Update

August 22, 2023

OCPS is holding your raise hostage! Now you see it… in 2024 you won’t.

CTA offered a comprehensive package that addresses working conditions and includes a percentage salary increase.

OCPS offered a two-year package that conditions salary increases on increasing your health care costs effective June 2023–the package ignores your concerns about urgent safety and maintenance issues, planning time, and other crucial working conditions.

OCPS refuses to look into cost saving changes to the insurance plan that would avoid shifting costs onto educators. They do not even know how much their proposed plan design changes will cost employees but we know it is in the millions. It is unethical for them to expect teachers to agree to their proposal without even exploring options that don’t make you pay more for health care.

Speaking of unethical…OCPS refuses to provide information regarding the one mil referendum funds–they continue to hide information about what they are doing with these taxpayer dollars that are supposed to be spent, in part, on teacher compensation.

We are committed to advocating for an agreement that values experience, helps retain teachers, and is not attached to excessive insurance increases. We will not settle for less.

CTA will be back at the bargaining table again today, continuing to fight for better wages and working conditions.