Bargaining Update

September 25


While the CTA bargaining team decided in favor of a hearing with a Special Magistrate instead of going straight to the School Board, this does not mean we can’t continue to bargain with the District. It is still possible to go back to the table. We ask all members to email the school board and explain to them why we need percentage raises. Years of flat dollar raises created massive wage compression in OCPS where experienced teachers barely make more than new teachers. CTA has been clear throughout the bargaining process that our educators need a significant salary increase that is based on real percentages, not just an increase to the budget line item. And we need the percentage to be significant because of how much our members have been affected by inflation. You can help win this. Email the School Board today to explain why this is so important!


Impasse Process Update The magistrate was appointed and is in communication with both parties' legal teams to select a date for the hearing. The due date for both parties to send their list of open issues to the magistrate is September 25, 2023. 


What we are asking all members to do to help us win the best deal possible:


  1. Write a brief email TODAY to the School Board. Share your concerns regarding teacher pay and insurance cost increases. Remind them that other districts are paying teachers percentages and have been for years. Ask them why OCPS is withholding this crucial solution from our most experienced teachers.,,,,,,,
  2. Click HERE to sign and share the Bargaining Petition.