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OCCTA is committed to transparency and knows that important information must be  shared in real time to ensure the health and safety of every student, teacher and community member.  All new positive cases will be announced here and added to the running lists below. Report any confirmed cases to OCCTA using the form at the bottom of this message.

Positive Cases 9-18-2020

WEST ORANGE HIGH CLOSED -12 cases, 2 employees and 10 students since August 21

Colonial High School - 1 student

East River High School - 1 student

Jones High School - 1 student (OCPS dashboard removed previous data)

Timber Creek High School -2 students

Positive Cases 9-17-2020

Chain of Lakes Middle - 1 student case

Meadowbrooke Middle School - 1 employee

Palm Lake Elementary School - 1 student

Sunridge Elementary School - 1 student

West Orange High School - 5 students

Windemere High - 1 student 

Windemere High students quarantined (reported by parent/teacher) OCPS made a robo call; no numbers released or reported by OCPS

Boone High School - From OCPS: "Due to a positive COVID-19 case which resulted in quarantines among Boone High School’s Girls JV Volleyball team, Orange County Public Schools decided to cancel the volleyball game scheduled for tonight between Boone High School and Colonial High School.

This decision was made in consultation with the Florida Department of Health (DOH)

in Orange County. As a precaution, the entire campus is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority."

Positive COVID-19 Cases  9-16-2020

Avalon Middle School - quarantine and positive cases (not on OCPS dashboard, parent got a call that her child was quarantined) This school only appeared on the OCPS dashboard on 9-18!

1 teacher and 4 students. (Parent said at least 5 students)

Cypress Springs Elementary School - 1 student

Dream Lake Elementary School - 1 employee

Vista Pointe Elementary School -1 employee

West Orange High School - 1 student

Zellwood Elementary School - 1 employee

Positive COVID-19 Cases  9-15-2020

Eccleston Elementary School 

"Eccleston was notified of its 1st COVID case Saturday, September 12, @7:21. 

It states that COV19 Dashboard data is updated nightly 11:55pm.  Well its Tuesday, September 15.  Why is Eccleston Elementary not on the list?  How do we know that the parents at the school was notified by ConnectEd?"

Evans High School - 5 students

Olympia High School - 1 student

Pineloch Elementary School 

"2 new COVID cases at Pineloch Elementary.  Voicemail  received from the principal today."

Sunshine Elementary - 1 student

Tildenville Elementary - 1 student

Timber Springs Middle School - 1 student

Union Park Elementary -1 student

Union Park Middle School - 1 staff

Windemere High School - 1 student

Quarantine letter received on 9-14-2020:

Orange Technical College - 1 teacher

Positive COVID-19 Cases Reported on 9-14-2020:

Lakemont Elementary School -1 staff

Piedmont Lakes Middle School -1 student

Sunshine Elementary -1 student

Timber Springs Middle -1  student

Wetherbee Elementary -1 teacher, 1 student

Positive COVID-19 Cases Reported on 9-11-2020:

Lake Nona High School - "Principal emailed staff, robocall going out soon. 1 student positive. Principal states following lead of department of health. More information possibly to come."

Magnolia School - ". . .has at least one confirmed staff covid case. At least ten quarantined that I know of...nurses all out, don't know if they called out or are in quarantine. One student sent home with fever this morning. Head custodian just quit."

Edgewater High School - A teacher has been confirmed positive COVID-19

Positive COVID-19 Cases Reported on 9-9-2020:

Avalon Middle School

East River In-school transmission reported - Teacher positive after student in class reported positive and custodians 

Orlando Technical College at Avalon -2 students tested positive, teacher and students in quarantine and being tested (waiting to see if more will be quarantined)

SINCE July 31st, the first day of pre-planning at Orange County Public Schools:


  • Olympia High School
  • West Orange High School


  • Magnolia School - Bridges Program 



933 OCPS students and employees have been quarantined from these 36 schools 

OCPS stopped reporting quarantine numbers after 9-11-2020 Evans High and Avalon Middle School numbers not reflected here

  • Avalon Middle School
  • Orlando Technical College at Avalon
  • Baldwin Park Elementary School
  • Castleview Elementary School
  • Clay Springs Elementary School
  • College Park Middle School
  • East River High School
  • Edgewater High School
  • Evans High School
  • Frangus Elementary
  • Horizon West Middle
  • Innovation Middle School
  • John Young Elementary School
  • Lake Como K-8
  • Lake George Elementary School
  • Lake Silver Elementary
  • Lake Whitney Elementary
  • Lakeview Middle School
  • North Lake Park Elementary School
  • Ocoee Middle School
  • Olympia High School
  • Orlo Vista Elementary School
  • Orlando Technical College-West
  • Piedmont Lakes Middle School
  • Prairie Lakes Elementary School
  • Riverside Elementary School
  • Rock Springs Elementary School
  • Southwest Middle School
  • Sunrise Elementary School
  • Sunset Park Elementary School
  • Timber Lakes Elementary School
  • West Orange High School
  • Wetherbee Elementary School
  • Whispering Oaks Elementary School
  • Windemere High School
  • Wyndham Lake Elementary School

Read the table  of quarantine letters sent to staff and parents between August 24 and September 10 at THIS LINK.

Please note: The District continues to fail to properly identify all worksites and/or schools for several positions, including FNS (food nutrition services), ESE , transportation (no specific bus depot named and/or bus route number given), Psych and Social services (No name of school/worksite) facilities (no specific facility named) See THIS LINK for reference. There can be no accurate contact tracing if specific worksites and/or schools are not identified.


Since July 31st -1st day of preplanning

  • Academic Center for Excellence
  • Apopka Middle School
  • Arbor Ridge School
  • Audubon Park
  • Avalon Middle School
  • Baldwin Park Elementary
  • Bonneville Elementary School
  • Boone High School
  • Castleview Elementary School
  • Catalina Elementary School
  • Chain of Lakes Middle School
  • Clay Springs Elementary School
  • College Park Middle School
  • Colonial High School
  • Cypress Springs Elementary School
  • Discovery Middle School
  • Dover Shores Elementary School
  • Dream Lake Elementary School
  • Dr. Phillips High School
  • Eagle Creek Elementary School
  • East River High School
  • Eccleston Elementary School
  • Edgewater High School
  • Endeavor Elementary School
  • Evans High School
  • Facilitires Services (OCPS listed this way)
  • Fiscal Services (OCPS listed this way)
  • Fort Gatlin
  • Frangus Elementary
  • Horizon West Middle School
  • Hunters Creek Middle School
  • Independence Elementary School
  • Innovation Middle School
  • Keene’s Crossing Elementary School
  • John Young Elementary School
  • Jones High School
  • Lake Como K8
  • Lake George Elementary
  • Lake Nona High School
  • Lake Silver Elementary School
  • Lake Whitney Elementary School
  • Lakemont Elementary School
  • Lakeview Middle School
  • Lakeville Elementary School
  • Lovell Elementary
  • Magnolia School
  • Meadowbrooke Middle School
  • Meadow Wood Middle School
  • Millenia Elementary School
  • Millennia Gardens Elementary School
  • NorthLake Park Community School
  • Oak Ridge High School
  • Ocoee High School
  • Ocoee Middle School
  • Olympia High School
  • Operations (OCPS listed this way)
  • Orange Technical College -Avalon
  • Orange Technical College - Orlando
  • Orange Technical College -Westside
  • Orange Technical College -Winter Park
  • Orlo Vista Elementary School (quarantine)
  • Palm Lake Elementary
  • Pershing K-8
  • Piedmont Lake Middle School
  • Pinar Elementary School
  • Pine Hills Elementary School
  • Pineloch Elementary School
  • Positive Pathways
  • Prairie Lake Elementary School
  • Riverside Elementary School
  • Robinswood Middle School
  • Rock Springs Elementary School
  • Sadler Elementary School
  • Sally Ride Elementary School
  • Shenandoah Elementary School
  • Shingle Creek Elementary School
  • Southwest Middle School
  • Spring Lake Elementary School
  • Summerlake Elementary
  • Sunridge Elementary School
  • SunRidge Middle School
  • Sunrise Elementary
  • Sunshine Elementary
  • Sunset Park Elementary
  • Teaching and Learning (OCPS listed this way)
  • Thornebrooke Elementary
  • Tildenville Elementary
  • Timber Creek High School
  • Timber Lakes Elementary School
  • Timber Spring Middle School
  • Union Park Elementary School
  • Union Park Middle School
  • University High School
  • Vista Pointe Elementary School
  • Walker Middle School
  • Water Springs Elementary School
  • Waterbridge Elementary School
  • Water Springs Elementary
  • Wekiva High School
  • Westbrooke Elementary School
  • West Orange High School
  • Wetherbee Elementary School
  • Whispering Oaks Elementary School
  • Windemere Elementary School
  • Windemere High School
  • Winegard Elementary
  • Winter Park High School
  • Winter Park Ninth Grade Center
  • Wyndham Lakes Elementary School
  • Zellwood Elementary School


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