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For Members


CTA Contract

22-23 Assessment Crosswalk


MOU #1 Extra Hour Reading for Select Schools

MOU #2 Health and Safety

MOU #3 - Release of Bargaining Team Members

MOU #4 - TSSSA Grant - Phillis Wheatley ES

MOU #5 - Mental Health Awareness Instruction

MOU #6 - Modification of Evaluation Timelines

MOU #7 - Modification of Number of Evaluation Observations

MOU #8 - Modification of Evaluation Timelines for Riverdale ES Instructional Personnel

MOU #9 - Adjustment of Full Wednesday Relief for May 3, 2023

MOU #10 - Adjustments Resulting from Hurricane Nicole

MOU #11 - Long Term LOA for CTA Members


Discipline Memo (2.9.23)

Classroom Libraries Memo (12.8.22)

Itinerant Instructional Personnel Memo (2.16.23) 

Payment of Instructional Personnel Memo (2.16.23)

Workday March 13 (2.2.23) 

District Literacy Application (3.09.23)

Changes to Rule 6A-10.081, the Principles of Professional Conduct for the Education Profession in Florida regarding classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity. 

Summer Voluntary Common Planning Days

22-23 Procedure Guide


22-23 Contract Quick Find Index

22-23 Instructional Evaluation Quick Guide

2022-2023 Discipline Referral Form

19-20 Instructional Evaluation Manual

40 Hour Reading Course

Bargaining Suggestions

Classroom Libraries List - 2023 Update

January 2023 - June 2023 Calendar

Lesson Plan 2019

Lesson Plan Guidelines

Supplement Handbook 2022

Tentative Reappointment Timeline 2023-24

Title I Required PFE Training

Visual and/or Performing Arts Sponsor Supplement



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