November 17, 2020

signing agreements

President Doromal signs the agreements as OCCTA bargaining chair looks on

Today the District and OCCTA reached an agreement on salaries and some working conditions!  OCCTA withdrew its impasse declaration after the agreement was reached.  We are excited that we could reach an agreement so we can get raises into the pockets of teachers as soon as possible.  

All members of the bargaining unit, including the certified VPK teachers, will be raised to the base salary of $47,500. As you know, salaries were determined by the state this year. Legal restrictions meant we could not negotiate the raises we know that all experienced teachers deserve. (Read the Q&A on the salary allocations at this link.)  Teachers will receive a minimal raise of 1.27%. Additionally, all advanced degree teachers will receive a 16% increase: $3,342 for a Masters Degree, $5,127 for a Specialist Degree and $6,760 for a Doctorate Degree.

Do teachers deserve more? Of course! Yes, we deserve more, but our state legislators  restricted what teachers were allowed to get, focusing on raising all teachers who earn under $47,500 to that amount.  As long as Tallahassee continues to legislate restrictions, all we can do is advocate for more "education friendly" representation. Elections really do have consequences!

OCPS didn't want to give anything beyond what the legislation approved (see HB641), but OCCTA worked to make sure every member of our bargaining unit was raised to $47,500 and every member  received   something.   More than that, this one time we were able to get a percentage instead of a flat amount so, while small, that at least it is proportionate for experienced teachers this year. OCPS is even threatening layoffs if more funding is cut in January.

Classified and Administrators are getting zero this year. The state funding was only allocated for teachers. The law dictated how to divide it. Our signed agreement states that  if OCPS "finds" more money to give any other raises above what we could eek out teachers will receive that same percentage. Be assured that OCCTA continues to fight,  not only for fair salaries but for working conditions and teachers' rights.

Questions  and Answers on the agreement are at this link.

Agreements include:

  • Tentative Agreement #1 Article XVI Salary Extended B. Differential Pay 5. Additional Period Pay b. For teaching each additional instructional period during, before or after the regular student day, the amount of the supplement the teacher receives for teaching the additional period should be based on the hourly rate of pay for an entry teacher with no experience based on the current year's salary schedule. Calculations will be as follows: the annual salary of entry teacher based on the previous year's salary schedule 196 197 days in a teacher's contract year/7.5 hours in a teacher's workday x 180 instructional days· of instruction in a year, rounded to the nearest one hundred dollars. This amount may be prorated by semester based on the school's academic needs. For teachers with the additional instructional period before or after the regular student day, the normal teacher load must be completed during the regular student day.
  • Tentative Agreement #2 Article IX Assignments and Transfers F. Temporary Assignments and Transfer b. When the superintendent temporarily assigns an employee to a special project, the employee's regular position shall be treated as if s/he were on a long-term leave of absence for purposes of this article. When the superintendent temporarily transfers an employee, the transfer should not exceed 30 duty days. After the temporary transfer period ends, the employee will return to their original assignment and work location.
  • Tentative Agreement #3 Article XVII Leaves of Absence I. I. Bereavement leave
  • Tentative Agreement #4 – Appendix B School Psychologist Paid Holidays and Additional Vacations
  • Tentative Agreement #5 - Article VII Teacher Rights and Responsibilities O. 1. Non-classroom teachers may be out for less than two hours during the duty day upon approval of their administrator.
  • Tentative Agreement #6 – Appendix B Instructional Evaluation Manual - Moving School Counselors and SAFE Coordinators to Non-Classroom Learning Map
  • Tentative Agreement #7 -  Salary
  • Tentative Agreement #8 - Substitutes - Article XIV Duty Day: Requires the District to provide a long-term substitute for non-classroom personnel who are on long-term leave (District only agrees “where possible”); any bargaining unit member required to split classes or substitute for another teacher will receive a proportionate share of compensation that a substitute teacher is paid to cover absences in that particular school.
  • Tentative Agreement #9 - Contract compliance Issues
  • Tentative  Agreement #10 - CBLT Members 
  • Tentative Agreement #11 - Open Range Schedule and Advanced Degrees
  • Tentative Agreement #12 - Salary Increases  for 2020-2021 School Year

Please read all of the agreements at This Link.

Calculate your salary at Download File (2020 Salary Proposal Calculator (4).xlsx)