Health and Safety Impasse Hearing - October 7th and 8th

September 24, 2021


CTA declared impasse when the District would not agree to sign off on even the most fundamental CDC-recommended health and safety protections - the same protections that they had signed off on for the 2020-2021 school year and the 2021 summer school. This school year we need enforceable protections more than ever before as COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and the positivity rate has been much higher.  

Additionally, this school year, schools have twice the number of face-to-face students than they had last school year.  

CTA continues to advocate for an enforceable agreement that provides for health and safety protections for teachers. The District’s final counter proposal removed CDC-recommended protections including: limiting nonessential visitors; limiting walkthroughs; allowing the MOU to prevail over the OCPS Health and Safety Manual; offering the option of attending meetings virtually when possible; school clinic procedures for sick/well students; informing all staff of positive COVID-19 cases and quarantines at their school or worksite; following CDC guidelines on masking; cleaning and disinfecting and social distancing guidelines; home visits not being required; teachers not being held responsible for COVID-19 cases traced to their classrooms; no hybrid or audio or visual instruction required for face-to-face teachers, etc.

You may recall that last school year, CTA also had to declare impasse to ensure CDC-recommended protections were in place. The special magistrate agreed with about 40 of CTA's proposed articles and made moderate changes to only four.

Learn more about last year's impasse hearing/decision, the December 2020 Health & Safety MOU and other health and safety related news at these links: