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August 2, 2021

Impact bargaining of the pandemic-related health and safety issues began today and continues tomorrow. Despite CTA's pleas to bargain these issues before teachers returned to work,  the District pushed the date up until after teachers returned to schools and worksites.  They demanded a proposal from CTA before the meeting, supposedly so they could review it and have a counter proposal to us before the meeting. As always, they did not send the counter proposal to us prior to the meeting as they promised, but shared it in the session.  Below are the CTA and District proposals.

CTA's Health and Safety Proposal  Download File (MOU.pdf)

District's Counter Proposal Download File (District Counter Proposal to CTA Proposal #16 -- MOU Health and Safety 2021-22 -- DRAFT v10.docx)

CTA objects to any language that includes the words, "when reasonable" or "when feasible", since it actually means the District will unilaterally decide.  Who would want that in an agreement!? And those boxes with their reasoning for changing our language - 'Need flexibility to respond to changes in the pandemic'! If there is language that should be revisited because of CDC recommendations or the amount of COVID-cases in our community, we should come back to the table to decide those changes. 

This is about protecting students and employees. We are shocked that the District's counter proposal removes essential health and safety protections! Other District's have already signed comprehensive and extensive health and Safety MOU's because they want to protect teachers and students and provide some confidence and peace of mind to employees and students. Not Orange County! 

After slashing essential protections from the OCPS COVID-19 Health and Safety Manual, what can we expect? Wasn't that a message that these elected school board members and District leaders refuse to prioritize health and safety?  The question is why?

President Doromal's Opening Statement

statement 8-2


statement 2 8-2

July 22, 2021

Today, OCCTA declared impasse. Every teacher gave so much this year, yet the District offered so little. The District's offer did not demonstrate that they respect, value or appreciate teachers. You are worth more!  

We hope you will turn out for the School Board Budget Meeting on July 27th at 4:30pm to let the School Board members know how you feel about your employer not budgeting for teacher raises. You may also want to let them know that you demand safe and healthy working conditions as the school year begins. Please read more at



Please read the bargaining proposals and counter proposals at


this link: /SUMMER-BARGAINING---Updated-July-16--2021-1-10521.html

Thank you for all you do. We will continue to fight for you to have the salary and working conditions that you deserve.



Opening Statement -Bargaining Meeting July 22, 2021

President Wendy L. Doromal

July 22, 2021

While teachers always look forward to the first day of school and are excited to meet their students, start teaching innovative and inspiring lessons and see their hard work result in student achievement, this year teachers also face the new school year with fear and trepidation.

The School Board made the mandatory mask mandate optional at a time when our community’s COVID -19 cases are once again rising. We are at a 11% positivity rate and the Delta variant has even infected those who have been vaccinated. We know that no child under 12 has been vaccinated. In the 12-18 group, only 27% of Orange County’s children have been vaccinated and only 48% of our county’s adults have been vaccinated. What health and safety provisions will be in place when schools reopen?

CTA has demanded to impact bargain the health and safety issues related to COVID-19 since our MOU expires after summer school on July 31st.  The health of students and employees and lives are at risk, yet the District refused six dates that the Union offered to the District to bargain these issues. The District also refused CTA’s offer of bargaining these issues on any afternoon, evening or weekend. When does the District want to impact bargain the pandemic health and safety issues? It only offered dates after preplanning has started. What does this mean? It means that this District expects our teachers and students to return to schools with few safety and health procedures established

On July 19th, the District gave CTA their revised OCPS COVID-19 Health and Safety Manual dated August 2, 2021. We are shocked that the current manual was gutted, with 3/4 of the 80 original pages being removed entirely, and only a mere skeleton of protections remaining.  It is as though the District “leaders” decided that the pandemic is over. (It isn’t.) It appears that they decided to revert to numerous pre-pandemic policies and procedures, as if students and staff will be safe during this continuing pandemic with few protections in schools running at full capacity. (They won’t be.) The proposed revisions to the manual run counter to CDC advice, the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics and even advice from members of their own Medical Advisory Committee. The changes violate our CTA contract language, which requires the District to maintain safe and healthful working conditions.

What was removed? Guidelines for social distancing, cleaning and disinfecting procedures, PPE, many clinic procedures, accommodations, flexibility to use sick leave to stay home if family members are sick and on and on. They even removed the line that said, “Monitor federal, state and local public health communications about COVID-19 regulations, guidance and recommendations and ensure that staff and students have access  to that information.”  CTA would hope that District leadership would want to be informed about the pandemic and want to keep all stakeholders informed with the most up-to-date and factual data. OCPS is after all, an educational institution. What did they add to the revised manual? A provision attacking employee absenteeism. Feeling safe and protected? Feeling valued and appreciated?

The District seems to have an abundance of time to send numerous emails, texts and robo-calls to members of our bargaining unit, directly dealing in an attempt to convince them to accept the District’s offer. But it seems they have no time to impact bargain so that we can ensure the health and safety of every student and employee. 

Matt will be reviewing the content of the last email that the District sent to every member of our bargaining unit.


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July 16, 2021


You can watch the morning and afternoon bargaining sessions on CTA's Facebook page:


$25 large

The District countered CTA's proposals  by deleting all of the original proposed language or all of the significant language in CTA's proposals.

SALARY -The District rejected CTA's proposal and kept their insulting $25 base pay (COLA), an additional $100 for effective and an additional $125 for highly effective. The District claimed that is all the funding that they received from the state and the District had not budgeted raises for its employees. 

Read their counter offer at this link: Download File (District Counter Proposal to CTA Proposal #6 -- Salary and Method of Payment v7.docx) All of the strike throughs represent what CTA proposed and the District rejected.

HYBRID TEACHING - The District struck through all of CTA's proposal for hybrid teaching, which basically stated teachers will not be required to teach both remote and in person students simultaneously The planning time applied to CTE instructors and the District also struck through main points.Download File (District Counter Proposal to CTA Proposal #8 -- Planning Time and Hybrid Teaching v3.pdf)  

SUMMER EMPLOYMENT FOR COUNSELORS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS - The District gutted CTA's proposal. Download File (District Counter Proposal to CTA Proposal #9 -- Summer Employment v3.pdf)

QUARANTINE LEAVE , SICK LEAVE DONATIONS AND SUMMER SCHOOL SICK LEAVE - The District refused CTA's quarantine proposal by striking through it entirely. (Palm Beach County has similar contract language.) The District refused CTA's proposal for summer school sick leave by striking through it entirely.  The District completely altered CTA's sick leave donation proposal and claimed that it would adversely impact the Sick leave Bank. according to their "analysis". CTA asked to see their analysis, as other District's allow employees to donate sick leave to any other employee who needs it.  Download File (District Counter Proposal to CTA Proposal #11 -- Sick Leave Accrual, Donated Sick Leave and Quarantine Leave v4.pdf)

SUPPLEMENT FOR LEAD NURSES - The District rejected CTA's proposal to provide a supplement for lead nurses and modified other elements of the proposal. Download File (District Counter Proposal to CTA Proposal #13 -- Substitute Pay, Equipment and Supplies and Supplement for Registered Nurses v4.pdf)

VIRTUAL SCHOOL PROPOSAL - The District rejected most of CTA's proposal and modified other aspects. Download File (District Counter Proposal to CTA Proposal #14 -- Orange County Virtual School v4.pdf)

BONUS FOR THOSE LEFT OUT OF THE DE SANTIS $1,000 BONUS - CTA's proposal was the same as the District's except for dates, which the District changed. Download File (District Proposal #4 -- Bonus -- FINAL.pdf)


highly effective chart

effective chart


Read President Doromal's Opening Statement 

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statement 2



June 29, 2021

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