February 2021

OCCTA sent all OCCTA members a survey to gauge how they felt about the safety and heath provisions  at their schools or worksites. One-quarter of all OCCTA members replied to the  survey. They represented teachers from over 200 schools and worksites across the District. 

Some survey highlights:

  • 67% are struggling this year -22 % completely overwhelmed
  • 24% have considered leaving their job before the school year ends, 6% considering retiring early and 11% considering a leave of absence
  • 63% fell supported by their school administrator. In contrast,  88% say they do not feel supported by the District and 88% do not feel supported by the school board.
  • 76% say the district is not transparent in reporting COVID-19 cases at schools and worksites
  • 87% say they district is not transparent in reporting cases across the district
  • 77% teaching the hybrid model said their workload increased greatly
  • 95% said there was a substitute shortage this year 
  • 96% said that their face-to-face numbers increased since the beginning of the year
  • Can safe social distancing be observed in your office or classroom? Yes, of 6 feet or more: 15% Distancing/spacing of 3-5 feet: 44% Distancing/spacing under 3 feet only: 41%
  • Have you observed violations of social distancing? 61 % in hallway passing, 78% arrival and departure, 46% in lunchroom

Read the survey results at this link

There were over 300 pages of comments. Read them at this link.

We want to thank every person who took the time out of their busy schedule to complete the survey.