School Board Auto Reply

October 29, 2021


One would think that school board members would respond to the President of the union -the person who is the bargaining agent for 14,200 of their employees. With the exception of a few members, emails are not answered. For most I have received only automatic replies that are seldom followed up with a response.  Karen Castor-Dentel and Johanna Lopez consistently respond and follow-up to my emails. Angie Gallo and Linda Kobert respond to follow-up calls. 

I can certainly understand an occasional 'out of the office' message, but for every email? Vicki-Elaine Felder has never sent a response to even one of my many emails -not an auto reply, not a "Thanks for your sending yout concern." -nothing. 

I have only received auto replies from Chair Jacobs. I have never received a response or even an acknowledgement to over a dozen emails sent over the last couple years. My favorite auto reply from her was the one she sent in July saying she's be out for winter break!

xmas auto

As someone who works long hours, nights and weekends to respond to emails and get work done, I find it disturbing that elected officials cannot find the time to respond to emails.