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Bargaining Update June 13, 2024

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On May 10th, the Union presented comprehensive proposals for the teachers’ 2024-27 contract, including prioritizing teacher salaries with a goal of completing negotiations before the start of the school year.

After teachers waited more than a month for counter-proposals from the School Board, today OCPS failed to address salaries and instead presented proposals that undermine educator autonomy and strip away your rights

. Among other things, OCPS proposed:

  • Restricting academic freedom 

  • Removing the use of seniority during involuntary transfers and reductions in force

  • Rejecting breastmilk storage rights and the inclusion of pumping rights in your contract 

  • Eliminating teacher evaluation rights

These changes not only affect educators’ professional environment but also have a direct impact on the quality of education we provide to our students.

We must address these issues collectively and proactively to ensure that our rights are protected and that we can continue to deliver the high standard of education our students deserve. 

Your unity makes a difference! The Union has advocated for years to expand eligibility for the advanced degree supplements. In spite of the District’s otherwise unfortunate approach today, they did finally agree to eliminate the requirement that the advanced degree must be held in the teacher’s area of certification. 

YOU can continue to make a difference!

  1. Stay Informed

    : Visit orangecta.com and check your personal email for updates.

  2. Communicate

    : Share your experiences and concerns with the School Board. A united voice is stronger and more likely to be heard.

  3. Advocate

    : Attend bargaining meetings. Your participation is essential to protecting your rights.

  4. Sign the form

    : Click HERE to show support for the bargaining pillars. Demand the School Board support and respect our educators and invest in our bargaining unit.

  5. Stronger together

    : Remind a non-union educator to join your union. There is strength in numbers, together we have a greater impact. 

Your bargaining team will continue to work diligently to safeguard your rights and interests. Thank you for your continued dedication and resilience.