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Professional Development Program

Goals & Mission

CTA’s professional development program is committed to supporting the professional needs of our members. Through ongoing, research-based, professional development opportunities, our members can become even more successful on the job as they serve their students, families and communities.


CTA’s professional learning and engagement program is based on the train-the-trainer model of professional learning. Each trainer is a member of CTA who has completed an intensive AFT training course and is certified as local AFT trainer.

Leander Houston-Enjady- University High School

Ellie Levine- Gotha Middle School

Daphne Lewis- Oakridge High School

Andrea Bowles- Clay Springs Elementary School

Lisa Taylor- Eccelston Elementary School

Jacquleen Wetherington -District ESE Transition Support

Classes and PD Offered 

Foundations of Effective Teaching I: Organizing the Classroom Environment for Teaching and Learning- This core course addresses the fundamental aspects of teaching and learning that are relevant for teachers in all grade levels and subject areas. The course examines research-based concepts such as creating a positive classroom environment, increasing student engagement, maximizing learning time, interactive instruction and scaffolding techniques, questioning and giving feedback, and using homework to extend learning. Participants will reflect upon their own practices and set professional goals for improving their craft to meet students’ needs.

Beyond Classroom Management- The course, Beyond Classroom Management, places educators at the center of the debate on compliance over motivation; autonomy; and an examination of how conventional structures (rewards, sanctions and punishments) are in place primarily to keep order. This session explores how growth mindsets, grit, peace building, compliance, autonomy, educator behaviors and classroom layout all affect the learning environment. This course is an extension of the Beginning of the Year Classroom Management component presented in the Foundations 1 course.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy- Research suggests that students from diverse cultures may need to be engaged differently in ways that support their self-efficacy, esteem and their learning. In this course, we will establish the connection between culture and learning, and explore research-based strategies, such as cultural competency, high expectations and critical consciousness.

Beginning Reading Instruction- The course, Beginning Reading Instruction, focuses on how children learn to read and the best ways to teach reading from kindergarten to the end of the primary grades. Because the course contains considerable information on how students develop basic decoding skills, it is also useful for teachers who work with older students who are having difficulty with decoding and fluency. The course presents a synthesis of the research consensus for beginning reading instruction, and it provides the most effective instructional strategies—aligned to that research—to help students develop print awareness, phonemic awareness, knowledge of the alphabetical system, phonics/decoding skills, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

These classes are offered free of charge to CTA members. They are also worth points toward recertification.

Share my lesson page for teachers (elementary, middle, high and also topics and special months) AFT’s Share My Lesson is an innovative, free website that provides anyone who works with students a place to collaborate on new ideas and best practices to enhance the profession and the larger education community. With more than 1 million members and 400,000 free preK-12 resources covering all subjects, members of Share My Lesson can share their own resources and download resources from colleagues in their own school, state or from across the country. These resources also include live and recorded webinars. There is also a growing collection of resources aligned to state standards. The site is a great tool for engaging educators, connecting teachers and parents, and providing support for new teachers.

The resources on ShareMyLesson are vast. Here are some general links to get you started.




CTA also has its own page dedicated to the needs of our local’s members


AFT offers live and recorded webinars on various topics.