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On July 9 we met again with the district at the bargaining table. At our last meeting with the District, teachers explained the basis of their strong opposition to the Superintendent’s senseless proposals including stripping academic freedom and the proposal to gut teacher evaluation rights. Yesterday, it became clear that the Superintendent has completely disregarded our concerns and continues to insist on eliminating teachers’ voices from the evaluation process and infringing on our constitutional right to bargain.

Currently, the vast majority of educators are rated Highly Effective. The Superintendent wants to be able to change that without negotiating with teachers. Teachers remember that before we negotiated some of these evaluation rights, the number of highly effective teachers hovered at below 3%! Some of the rights Dr. Vazquez wants complete control of (including the power to remove them altogether):


The Superintendent’s resolve to take full control of a process that is intricately tied to your salary, workload, and job security is terrifying. Instead of insisting on this power grab, the Superintendent should really be focusing on massive teacher and staff shortages impacting our schools. We should be making this a more enticing place to work, not making it more anti-teacher than ever.

Our next bargaining session is Tuesday, July 16th at 9am. We invite you to come to this bargaining session and bring a guest with you. You’re welcome to any session, but this is one where the district needs to see that our members are watching. The School Board needs to understand that you’re watching as well. Click HERE to let us know if you will be attending any of the upcoming bargaining sessions.

When our membership stands together for a specific purpose, we can move mountains.

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The district is trying to remove evaluation rights and academic freedom. Imagine how they will act without a union holding them accountable!