Bargaining Update – May 10, 2024

As we enter negotiations for the 2024-2025 school year, it’s crucial to recognize the pivotal role our educators play in shaping our community and society. Our proposals, stemming directly from the voices within our bargaining unit and supported by an expanded Bargaining Committee, focus on three key pillars: Investing in Our Educators and Students, Supporting Our Families, and Respecting Our Educators. These pillars address issues such as inadequate teacher pay, the ever increasing workload, lack of respect for teacher professionalism, and inadequate support for our families. 

Building on last year’s progress, our goal is to uplift teachers, making their positions desirable for recruitment and retention. Our goal is to finalize negotiations before the school year begins, and our Union is ready to work with the District and School Board to show in our actions that we value teachers and their families and their contributions to ensuring student success.

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Some of the proposals from our bargaining session today include the following:



  • Salary increases to recruit and retain educators
  • 8.25% for Highly Effective (6% plus 2.25% Across the Board)
  • 6.75% for Effective (4.5% plus 2.25% Across the Board)
  • Recognizing the experience of educators by making the years of experience supplement permanent, and eligibility based on all years of teaching experience (not just in Orange County)
  • Extend select supplements for licensed educators



  • Paid parental Leave
  • Pumping and breast milk storage rights
  • Paid bereavement leave
  • Open House adjustment
  • April day off



  • Teacher input regarding the implementation and use of technology in schools
  • No meetings the Wednesday before report cards/progress reports are due
  • Reducing required paperwork to make time for teaching
  • Protections for itinerant staff
  • Protections for Association Representatives so they can help protect teachers and our contract
  • Creates a Labor Management Partnership Committee to address other working condition issues such as workload, class size, grading, supplements, affordable housing for educators, planning time, enhancing issues of school culture and administration


Click HERE for CTA President Clinton McCracken’s Opening Statement