August 20, 2021



At the August 19, 2021 School Board Work Session, school board members were provided with packet with the District’s COVID-19 Procedures. The document contains memos from the state and memos to principals that CTA had requested, but had not been provided. You can read the documents at this link: . 

CTA added some documents to legitimize the  packet. Read it at this link: Download File (COVID 19 Procedures & Data 8.19.2021 (1).pdf)

I spoke to two school, board members prior to the meeting and was very surprised to learn that even school board members are not copied or kept up to date on procedures. The District’s Chief Negotiator suggested that the school board members had input on the COVID-19 safety procedures. However, according to the school board members had no input on the procedures or the manual. 

Download File (COVID 19 Procedures & Data 8.19.2021.pdf)