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August 20, 2021

masks %

The District’s optional mask mandate surely puts students, employees, families and the community at risk, as the pandemic rages and the positivity rate is over 20%. Orange County Public Schools has chosen to go against the recommendations of the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics and medical experts by establishing an opt-out mask mandate. The chart above shows the percentages of those students opting-out by grade level. They are significantly above the 4% estimate that the District was initially touting.

More disturbing are the charts, which breakdown the opt-out percentages by school. Some elementary schools where children are not even eligible for vaccines have over 20% of their student populations opting out of masks. These include:

K-8 Schools with over 20% opting out include:

Middle Schools

High Schools

Also, keep in mind that some teachers reported that there was not a system to collect notes and some were not opt-out checks were not inputted on Canvas so the accuracy may not be that good at some schools.

See the charts below to find your school: 


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