Impasse Updates

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Kyle Arnone, Director of AFT Center of Collective Bargaining, presented the union’s position on insurance on your behalf. After an overview of the plans, the presentation went into more detail on how much the increase will cost employees. The point was made that the 2023 national average premium increase for single and family coverage is 7%. Below is a summary of some additional points made during the presentation about the district’s proposal.

  • We explained how the annual health insurance premium contributions paid by CTA-represented educators will increase by 64%.  

  • OCPS proposal increase to employee premium contributions towers over national trends. 

  • New employees (in 2024/25) who enroll in Plan A will pay triple what current employees pay.

  • New employees who enroll in Plan C will pay 50% more than current employees pay for Employee Only coverage.

  • The District has systematically underfunded the Benefit Trust, and their proposal is an attempt to clawback years of agreements made with us that resulted in no premium increases. 

Impasse Updates

We also pointed out that over the decade from 2013 to 2023, plan expenses have increased 44.9 percent cumulatively, nearly 20% less than the OCPS proposal. 

Click HERE to see CTA’s presentation. 

CTA and the district reached various agreements including the option of working virtually during non-student contact days/half days.